Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hackers, Bullies & Threats

I have seen a lot of things in my short life but I never saw this coming.  I never thought I would have a group of people dedicated to stopping my progress in life. There are entire Facebook groups designed to say false crazy things about me or to attack me.

This weekend it reached a new level. As you may know my wife was a victim of domestic violence and instead of being quiet about it she started a non-profit to help other victims. I think it was part of her healing process to help other people recover from their trauma and to let them know without a doubt that they are not the only one, that they are not alone. It was this experience that really made it possible for her to love me the way she does.

She understands why I do what I do. She never questions my resolve or tells me to stay home instead of going out to try and protect victims of violence. She understands this is something I must do because I believe in it. I don't just say I believe in it, my actions show it. So in a show of support my wife wrote about me on her blog and posted a widget to the suit upgrade fundraiser. Since then she has received many email threats, nasty comments and today someone hacked the server and put the whole website off line. They would rather all of the women who contact my wife on a regular basis through this website were turned away. They would rather all of the resources available for victims be unavailable. They don't care about the thousands of dollars she raised for domestic violence through this site. All they care about is stopping me, hurting me, deterring me from my mission.

Well I have bad news for these haters, they will never succeed. There are too many Facebook pages, websites, articles, news stories, and people who believe in what I symbolize. You can crash as many servers as you want, cyber-bully my wife, me, and others who support my mission and no one is going to stop me. You’re too late.

At one point this was just about a guy in a rubber suit stopping violent crimes. Its more than that now, its more than Phoenix Jones, its more than the cops, its more than black bloc, it’s more than haters and its even more than you or me. I get hundreds of emails a week from people who are going to carry this legacy when I’m gone. Who are going to teach their kids to be better citizens. Who are going to be voices for accountability, who are going to help their brothers when they’re in trouble.

My personal war on crime has turned into an idea. An idea that people are willing to invest time, energy, resources, and now money into. This suit will be funded and created by the same people who support the idea of "Phoenix Jones", the same people that know that behind this mask there is more than a person. There is an idea and ideas are bulletproof.

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