Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cost Break Down

Price layout from head to toe:

Head: Custom made cowl consisting of a bullet proof face mask, bullet proof helmet, built in radio, scanner, PA system, and camera attached to the side. Estimated cost: $15,000.00 (most of this cost is in the fabrication, all of these items exist by themselves but are not compatible with each other, the PA, camera, and scanner are not included).

Neck: Custom fabricated Nomex and Kevlar neck piece with joints for movement. (This is being donated - there is currently no product like this on the market, estimated value is $25,000.00).

Chest: There are currently thousands of brands and styles of bulletproof for the chest and vital organs/ What makes this part of my suit unique is the coverage. Typical bullet proof vests are heavy and leave all of your arms and some of your torso exposed. They also leave the clavicle exposed. My chest piece will cover 94% of my chest, arms, and back, making it the most complete bullet proof suit other than a bomb suit or the Trojan Suit of Armor. There will also be raised areas that look cool but serve a functional purpose. These areas are made of ceramic and titanium plates that help protect against knives and multiple rounds of fire. Currently, there is no operation suits like this and it is estimated at $100,000.00 to create and manufacture. 

Groin: There are plenty of good groin protectors and we were able to convince a company to donate one. We plan to upgrade the current groin protector with ceramic and titanium plates as well. Estimated value for groin protector 500.00 estimated price fro upgrade 1500.00

Hands:  There are plenty of bullet resistant gloves and no upgrades were needed: $100.00


Cape: Break away cape system that disengages if it is pulled on with X pounds of force. Also made of a bullet proof fabric witch greatly reduces speed and impact that bullets coming from the behind you will have on your armor. This currently does not exits and is estimated at $5,000.00 to create and manufacture.

Leg Armor:  There are currently plenty of leg armor pieces. We mixed and matched to allow the most coverage. We upgraded the leg armor with ceramic and titanium plates. A Estimated value is $10,000.00, some of that value is donated and we will cover the rest.

Boots: There are plenty of bullet proof boots and pieces you can place over your boots. We mixed and matched these as well as and upgraded them with ceramic plates and titanium. Estimated value $1,500.00.

Body: Skin tight fire resistant jump suit which is what the armor is attached to. Estimated value: $2,000.00

Total Cost: Aprox. $160,000.00. This does not include any of the tech upgrade prices or the utility belt accessories. The total cost would be $198,000.00. Most of the supplies were donated by people who believe in Phoenix Jones. The only thing I have to cover is $10,000.00. This is used for assembly, wiring, labor and shipping to different factories.  

Sid Garrand, the owner of Nightmare Armor Studios and is well known for designing fully functional prop armor. What many people do not realize is that he also has military contracts and he designs gear for our Armed Forces.

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