Thursday, July 19, 2012


I’ve more than realized the original goals I set out to accomplish when I decided to become an activist. I wanted to help people, to be a positive part of the solution. I reject apathy and hoped people would realize that we could all participate in helping our communities and its citizens. I created Phoenix Jones in the image of a superhero to do this work, outrageous by design it caught the attention of the media around the world. With this attention I’ve hoped to reach a large audience with a message, we should all look out for each other, bad things shouldn’t happen to good people while witnesses look on and do nothing. Somehow the story went kind of viral and soon media were flying to Seattle from all over the world to see what I was doing. I did my best to represent this idea and think I did pretty great, not perfect, but pretty great.

When I started dressing up like a superhero I was under the impression that there were only a few other people dressing up and trying to make a difference in their communities. As time progressed I noticed that there were a ton of online profiles of people claiming to do the same kind of work. I remember how happy I was to not be the only “super” around. I actively reached out and talked to several members of the Real Life Super Hero community (RLSH). I was soon being misrepresented by the media for two events and many of the RLSH jumped to conclusions about me, labeling me bad and their most vocal members rejected me. So I left and decided to do my own thing. Since that day I have been the subject of constant attacks. I made some bad decisions early on and deeply regret some of the dismissive things I said about the homeless outreach branch of the RLSH community. The attacks continue to this day. Lately they have stepped up their game, coordinating attacks on my bank accounts, my wife and her association with NW Family Life, posting claims of wrong doing as fact without a shred of evidence to justify their accusations, searching for anything disruptive in a coordinated campaign of bullying and harassment. A film maker I once trusted to objectively report his perspective on what I do has been one of those leading the charge of bullying, harassment and the spreading of propaganda.

I share many of the same morals, ideals and philosophies of a large group of RLSH. I know many who are powerful forces of good like Thanatos, Geist, Silver Sentinel (who retired last night), RazorHawk, DC’s Guardian, Good Samaritan and many more. It is so often the loudest voices that are heard and within the RLSH community the loudest voices are those of a group who actively seek to discredit me and make me either stop or be stopped by public opinion. I refuse to allow that to happen.

I made the mistake of thinking I could be the greatest real world superhero ever without offending other “supers” who had been active for years. I made the mistake of thinking people dressing up like superheroes and helping the homeless also had to fight crime. I made the mistake of belittling RLSH who solely do humanitarian work. For these things, for my admitted arrogance, for my lack of humility, I am sorry.

I will continue to be an activist, will continue to do work both as Ben Fodor and as Phoenix Jones. I will continue to dedicate myself to the things I believe in, will support Purple Reign in all she does, will look out for the victims of street crime and will always fight for what I believe in. I will also spread awareness of the rising problem of cyber bullying. Say anything you want on my Facebook pages, but if you can’t prove accusations and list sources, your comments will be considered for removal.

I believe the suit upgrade fundraising campaign has lost its positive energy. What started out as a way to protect my team and ensure I would not be injured standing up for what I believe in has turned into a controversial topic. I am stopping the active solicitations for donations to the suit upgrade fund. I will leave the fund active and blog open till August 1st in hopes of reaching my goal. I will follow through with all incentives promised for donations and the money gathered so far will go to upgrading the armor in the current suit I have. If anyone who has donated would like a refund of their donation, email and I will refund all donations the second week of August. I will succeed in my goal of raising awareness of subjects that I feel are overlooked. I in no way intend to stop pursuing the criminal element of Seattle and over time I will succeed in my suit upgrade as well.

I’d like to thank everyone who supports my message. I’d like to thank everyone who believes that we can make our community a better and safer place. And I’d like to thank spell check for helping me with this.

“I have goals to accomplish and dreams to make come true” nothing is going to stop me, “I just am leaving this galaxy for one a little less complicated” Watchmen

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