Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The Phoenix Jones Suit Upgrade Fundraiser ends tonight at midnight and I’d like to thank everyone who supported it. Incentives will be delivered on time or earlier then promised. We made it halfway to the goal and with these funds I will focus first on safety upgrades for myself and for my team. I’ll be exploring other ways to fund the rest of the expenses and if you’ve donated to the fundraiser and have had second thoughts I’d like to restate that you’re welcome to a refund. Just write to me at thephoenixjonessuitupgraderefund@gmail.com from the address you made the donation through and I’ll refund your donation, you can even keep the incentive.

I’ll continue to be active in our city looking out for victims of crime, being an active supporter of various charities and hopefully representing the idea that we can all look out for each other and make our city safer and more caring.

I’ll continue to use this blog to share my thoughts; answer questions about my missions and plans, write details about the evolving upgrade to the suit and in other ways continue to express my ideas.

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